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Mental Toughness for Champions

Sport Psychology

Excellence in Sports Performance

Excellence in Sports Performance

Succeeding in sports is a special challenge, because its achievements immediately belong to the past. Or as Roger Federer put it aptly a the press conference right before his first final in Wimbledon 2003: “There is nothing I can take along from previous victories, except my self-confidence.” Fueled by this attitude of excellence he is breaking record after record.

Individual consulting

Individual consulting

Our sport psychology consulting programs are tailored to every athlete’s needs. The strategy focuses on learning, optimizing and stabilizing the mental skills that are required in every type of sport. It may involve, for example, the use of exactly the right relaxation and visualization exercises, or the application of effective focusing techniques.

Our programs on a one-to-one basis involve a thorough current state analysis, identifying the existing mental skills (psychological performance diagnosis), pinpointing the learning preferences, and analyzing the environment. The concerns and aims of the consultation are then effectively pursued in a program put together to optimum effect, taking account of the breadth and depth that has been determined.

Team consulting

Team consulting

Our sport psychology consulting services for teams involve all the team members. It is based on team-building activities that bring the individual members closer together and improve team work. The team is guided towards operating as an effective and goal-oriented unit. At the same time, the individual team members can get sports psychology consulting on an individual basis, tailored to their needs.

By learning to handle conflict constructively, and enhancing their ability to communicate, teams experience a significant improvement. This can be decisive for winning a title or a relegation battle.

Sportpsychology and Injuries

Sportpsychology and Injuries

For all athletes who strive to achieve a peak performance in their sport, an injury and recovery from it are a difficult experience. This psychological stress becomes even greater where repeated injuries of the same type occur. Doubts grow about the purpose of carrying on with the sport, the athletes worry about their performance and the future in the sport. The convalescence period does not end with the physical recovery – the return to the sport has to be well prepared psychologically, too.

At the University of Ottawa, Christian Marcolli set up a sport psychology support programme called COMEBACK, which is geared to the specific needs of an injured athlete. During several years of trials and validation at the Praxisklinik Rennbahn (a sports medical centre) in Muttenz, Switzerland, it was shown that COMEBACK achieved lasting success not only at the psychological, but also at the physical level.

International clients

International clients

Many of our most successful athletes travel a lot throughout the year and within their season. Therefore and especially for our international client roster we created a successful one stop-program. Think of it as a condensed program that is tailor made and instils the best tools we offer on the individual and team coaching level. Our efficient programs have shown to be highly effective and sustainable over time.

With this dedicated approach we are able to reach out to our clients even if they are not based in Switzerland and are under tough time constraints. 

Since the core of successful sport psychology consulting is personal relationships, we are committed to support our clients on a regular basis through their journey of success via telephone conference or Skype and even travel to important events. 

Contact us here if you reside outside of Switzerland, or for those who travel a lot abroad.

About us

Dr. Christian Marcolli is the founder and CEO of Marcolli Sport Psychology. For more than 20 years he has been working as an international sought-after sport and performance psychologist, collaborating with elite athletes and teams, some of them amongst the best in the world.

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Movie „Coach“ with Christian Marcolli, Heinz Günthardt, and other Experts. Excerpts with Christian Marcolli (© universalfilms). Play video


A True Athlete

A True Athlete

A True Athlete takes you on the dramatic journey of Michelle Gisin’s 2018 Olympic victory in PyeongChang. The book describes the challenges she faced and the rollercoaster of emotions she experienced on the way to her epic achievement. Above all, it highlights how her mental toughness, as much as her sporting prowess, propelled her to success – the hallmark of a true athlete.

Michelle Gisin, her sister and coach Dominique (Olympic Champion 2014 in Sochi), and their performance psychologist Dr. Christian Marcolli describe the dramatic 30 hours leading up to Michelle’s historic Olympic triumph. It’s a spine-tingling story – written in 4 languages - movingly illustrated with magical pictures.

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Making It Happen

Making It Happen

This book by Olympic Champion Dominique Gisin and Dr. Christian Marcolli holds peculiar insights about Dominique’s career, the demands and pressures of a professional athlete and – in particular – how Dominique was able to reach her dream of winning the gold medal despite multiple major setbacks – namely 9 knee operations. This is a book that inspires everyone to find their own way to success: with lots of endurance, will power and hard work.

Availability: The limited edition of “Making It Happen” was sold out in a very short period of time. The book is now available in German in its third edition and in its first English edition. You can buy it through Dominique’s website (German and English).

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Sport Psychology & Injuries

Sport Psychology & Injuries

The psychological support in the rehabilitation of sport injuries: A guide for professionals.

The first section of this book contains concrete advice on how to support injured athletes in their healing process. In the second part of the book, various sport icons - who all have worked with Dr. Marcolli - share their personal experiences on how they have recovered from a severe sport injury. (in German only)

ISBN: 3-9521633-7-6



The psychological rehabilitation after sport injuries. Development of the intervention programme COMEBACK and scientific evaluation of its impact.

In his book, Dr. Marcolli presents COMEBACK, his sport psychology intervention program specifically designed for injured athletes. In addition, the book contains the scientific research studies that looked at the impact of COMEBACK and shares the effects not only on the mental and emotional level, but also on the physical healing process. (In German only)

ISBN: 3-9521633-4-1

In the media


Yann Sommer – FC Internazionale Milano

In his first season with FC Internazionale Milano, the team with Yann Sommer wins the title in Italy’s Serie A. It is the 20th title for the club. Yann is the first Swiss ever to have won the titles in the Swiss Super League, in the German Bundesliga and in the Italian Serie A.

Furthermore, he breaks a record: he is the first goalkeeper ever in history of Italy’s Serie A to get 10 «clean sheets» in 15 matches. And he equalizes the record of having kept most «clean sheets» in one season in the entire history of the club since 1908. 

Various articles point out Yann's historic achievement and refer to his mental strength.

Manuel Akanji – Manchester City Football Club

In his second season with Manchester City Football Club, Manuel Akanji defends the title in the Premier League with his team. The club has won the league now for the fourth consecutive season, which is a record in the history of English football. 

Furthermore, by defeating Copa Libertadores winners Fluminense Football Club, City became the first English side in history to hold the Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup at the same time. 

Manu's contributions to City's historic achievements have been recognized in the performance data, ranking amongst the world's top center backs (as per minutes x matches sporting level x results). Additionally, researchers at Opta Analyst selected him into the «Premier League Team of the Season» – for the second time in a row.

Various articles highlighted some of the key mental aspects.

Yann Sommer - Winner of the German Bundesliga

In January 2023, Yann Sommer signed with FC Bayern Munich. At the end of the season, the team celebrated the win of the title in the German Bundesliga.

The triumph was realized in the very last moment of the final game in the season and is based on the closest differentiating margin. Over the entire season, with the same number of points won, Bayern scored more and conceded less goals than their direct competitor BVB Borussia Dortmund.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The Swiss Football National Team reached the stage of the last 16 teams in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Yann Sommer and Manuel Akanji were crucial team members for the Swiss team. They both count on the collaboration with Dr. Christian Marcolli. 

The documentary «Yann Sommer - Out of the Box» presents Yann Sommer's preparation for the World Cup. In the movie, his long-time performance psychologist and mental coach, Dr. Christian Marcolli, shares his perspective on Yann’s approach to be such an extraordinary athlete.

Watch now (SRF: «Sportdokus», 20.11.2022, in Swiss German)

Basler Zeitung

In a comprehensive interview with the «Basler Zeitung», Dr. Marcolli explains why it can be so important for strikers in professional football to apply mental training on a daily basis (in German).

Michelle Gisin - Olympic Champion

Michelle Gisin wins the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2022 for the second consecutive time, after her triumph in 2018. During several months prior to the Olympic Games, Michelle fought her way back after a severe set-back. Michelle has been working with Christian Marcolli since seven years and particularly during the Beijing-Games to prove her mental strength when it mattered the most.


FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

The Swiss Football National Team finished the qualifying stage for the FIFA World Cup 2022 on the first place in their group. Yann Sommer has been a key player in this success. In all the matches there were only two goals scored against him, with the best goalkeeping stats in the entire qualifiers. In the TV show «Gredig direkt», as well as in the comprehensive interview with «Blick», Yann talks about performing under massive pressure, and the collaboration with Christian Marcolli.

Watch now (SRF: «Gredig direkt», 11.11.2021, in Swiss German)

Manuel Akanji

Manuel Akanji is one of the key players of Borussia Dortmund and the Swiss National Team. In the interview with the German «Kicker», he talks about the importance of mental strength and working with Christian Marcolli (in German).


Yann Sommer, Manuel Akanji, and Nico Elvedi were crucial team members in the Swiss football national team at UEFA EURO 2020 (2021). They all count on the cooperation of Dr. Christian Marcolli also during this European Championship.

NZZ am Sonntag

In a comprehensive interview with the «NZZ am Sonntag», Dr. Marcolli explains how professional athletes can perform well in Corona-bubbles and what Champions do differently to be most successful.

DOK - Dominique Gisin

Dominique Gisin won the gold medal in downhill skiing at the Olympic Games in Sochi. 

The movie looks behind her fascinating, multi-talented personality and illustrates her curiosity to embrace new facets in life with aspiration and passion. 

In the movie, her long-time performance psychologist and mental coach, Dr. Chris Marcolli, shares his perspective on her triumph, her career and her transition into the life after professional sports.

Watch now (SRF: «DOK», 29.04.2020, in German)
Watch now (RTS: «Dominique Gisin - Une championne toutes catégories», 30.06.2020, in French)

Michelle & Dominique Gisin «A True Athlete» – the Book

The two sisters Dominique and Michelle Gisin published another book in collaboration with their long-term performance psychologist and mental coach. The illustrated book tells the story of Michelle’s Olympic Gold Medal 2018 in four languages from three different angles: Michelle’s, Dominique’s and Dr. Christian Marcolli’s.

Roger Federer

Two great articles about Roger Federer:

The New York Times about Roger Federer, about the truly exceptional champion, the master of managing emotions.


«Der Spiegel» about the historic match in South Africa and on Roger's unique career path to become the record five-time world sportsperson of the year (in German)

Yann Sommer

Yann Sommer has a great start into the new season, and keeps on talking about the positive impact of his collaboration with Christian Marcolli.

Florence Schelling

Florence Schelling collaborated with Dr. Christian Marcolli during her career as the world’s best goalkeeper, becoming the MVP at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Then, she became the world’s first female GM, at SC Bern.

Nico Elvedi

Nico Elvedi has established himself as one of the key defenders at Borussia Mönchengladbach and in the Swiss National Team at a young age. For the first time, he talks about the collaboration with Christian Marcolli.

Valentin Stocker

Valentin Stocker has played more than 300 official games for the FC Basel and won 10 titles. Throughout his career he has been working with Christian Marcolli. (in German)

Michelle Gisin

Olympic Champion Michelle Gisin has an impressive start in the season. She establishes herself amongst the very best skiers in the world in almost every discipline of Alpine Skiing.

Watch now (RSI: «Sport Live Sci», 09.12.2018, in Italian)

Yann Sommer

FIFA World Cup, Russland – Bundesliga Goalkeeper Nr. 1 – Swiss Football Player of the Year

What an honor for Yann Sommer. He is voted the best goalkeeper of the first leg at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Yann Sommer has very specifically mentally prepared all the matches with his sport psychologist, Christian Marcolli.

In Germany, Yann Sommer is awarded “The Best Goalkeeper in the German Bundesliga in 2018” by the renowned magazine «Kicker».

Another great honour: Yann Sommer is awarded "Swiss Football Player of the Year"!

Timm Klose

Interesting article about Timm Klose, summarizing his remarkably unique career playing in the German Bundesliga, Premier League and the Swiss National Team, supported by Christian Marcolli. (German)

Michelle Gisin – Olympic Champion

Michelle Gisin wins the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018 to become Olympic Champion. She fought her way back after a severe set-back. Michelle has been working with Christian Marcolli since three years and particularly during the Pyeongchang-Games to prove her mental strength when it mattered the most.


Tages Anzeiger

In the interview with the Swiss Newspaper «Tages Anzeiger» Swiss National Goalkeeper Yann Sommer talks about how he handles pressure and setbacks to meet both consistent top performance and a fulfilled life outside of the stadium. Sommer has been relying on Christian Marcolli who supports him as his Mental Coach for years now. (in German)

Ski Alpine – World Championships 2017 St. Moritz

At the 2017 Ski World Championships in St. Moritz, Michelle Gisin wins the Silver medal in Alpine Combined. Michelle has been working with Christian Marcolli for the past two seasons to build her mental strength.

Watch now (telebasel: «Alles Kopfsache?», in Swiss German)

Listen now (Inspiring Podcast: «Olympiagold – Making it happen», in Swiss German)

Le Matin

Swiss National Keeper Yann Sommer works over a decade with Christian Marcolli on his mental strength. He claims that a healthy body is worth nothing without a strong mental attitude, furhermore, Yann explains that he loves to thrive under pressure. (in French)

International Press

„L’Equipe“ (France) and „Sport“ (Spain) discover major similarities between Roger Federer and FC Barcelona star Ivan Rakitic, they have both worked with Christian Marcolli in early stages of their professional career. 

The BZ Berlin (BZ) mentions the collaboration between Christian Marcolli and Herta BSC’s Power Forward Valentin Stocker.

Schweizer Illustrierte Sport

Florence Schelling, the world's best female ice-hockey goalie and MVP of the Olympic Games in Sotchi speaks about her collaboration with Dr. Christian Marcolli.


The Swiss National Goalkeeper Yann Sommer is awarded "Football Player of 2016" and receives a second trophy for the „Safe of the Year“.

What an honor for Yann Sommer, the German „Sportbild“ called him the best mercenary of the Bundesliga of the entire European Championship 2016 Tournament. Since years, Yann Sommer and Christian Marcolli cooperate together, as well as for this UEFA EURO, they prepared each performance together. (in German)

Dominique Gisin «Making It Happen» – The Book

Olympic Champion Dominique Gisin and Dr. Marcolli co-authored the book that inspires the masses. Read what the media say about it. (in German)

Keynote with Olympic Champion Dominique Gisin

Olympic Champion Dominique Gisin retires after a sensational career. But no time to go on holidays, the media darling Dominique and her year long mental coach Dr. Christian Marcolli are on tour with the keynote „making it happen“ – where they share unheard background information about her injuries and how she managed to get back onto the slopes every single time. This hour long keynote is performed in German and also English. Interested in having her sharing her story with you and your audience – click here.

Watch now (telebasel: «Heimspiel», in Swiss German)


Former Head Coach of FC Basel1893, Heiko Vogel, is back with his home club FC Bayern Munich. Vogel is in charge of Bayern’s U23 team, and responsible of the development of the top talents from U17 and U19. Int the interview, he specifies that he seeks out to get an additional perspective from his performance psychologist, Dr. Christian Marcolli, when it comes down to some of the key issues (in German).


No keeper in the history of the German Bundesliga managed to save 84% of all shots – so far. Yann Sommer, former FC Basel keeper and actual Swiss National player managed to obtain this record last season for Borussia Mönchengladbach. He speaks about his childhood but also how much his mental coach Dr. Christian Marcolli has helped him to develop crucial rituals to maximize his performance on and off the field. (in German).


Last season, Swiss National Team keeper Yann Sommer traded from FC Basel to the 1. Bundesliga’s Borussia Mönchengladbach. Yann is a „new-generation“ keeper and is already considered as one of the best. Together with his special team coach, Uwe Kamps, he talks about his long lasting relationship with his mental coach Dr. Christian Marcolli with whom he has been working over the past years on his mental strength. (in German)

Telebasel 061Live

Christian Marcolli’s thirty-minute live interview with telebasel provides insights into the world of sport psychology, mental training and his former career as a professional athlete. The FC Basel legend Karli Odermatt as well as the current team captain Marco Streller share some stories about their relationship to Christian. (interview in Swiss German)

 Watch now


How do you fulfill your biggest dream after a almost endless list of adverse events? Dominique Gisin and her year-long Performance Coach, Dr. Christian Marcolli present their approach in their keynote speech „Making It Happen“. In the “Sonntagszeitung”, Dominique introduces this latest project after winning the gold medal at the Sochi Olympic Games. (in German)


Dominique Gisin explains her newly felt emotions of total liberation after winning Olympic Gold in Sochi. In addition she talks about her pilot license and her studies in physics which she wants to continue after her sports career. She also shares her difficulties in „pushing the limits“ which she had managed, together with the help of her year-long mental coach. (in German)

NZZ am Sonntag

Berlin is known and famous for a great deal of things, and Soccer is one of it. This major city features a Bundesligaclub called the Hertha BSC. Their latest draft is Valentin Stocker, the former FC Basel star. What helped him through the first weeks in this new adventure was some sort of „user manual for professional players”, that he created together with Christian Marcolli.


Yann Sommer joined Borussia Mönchengladbach in the German Bundesliga. In the August-edition of the German football magazine “Kicker”, Yann shares some insights about the year-long collaboration with Christian Marcolli. (in German)

Berliner Morgenpost

Valentin Stocker appears in the starting line-up of the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC. Valentin was involved in all of the three scoring points of the most recent match against VfB Stuttgart. He reflects about the World Championship in Brazil, the level of the Bundesliga and the importance of relying onto a great support system. Working with a sport psychologist since the age of 20, has allowed him to develop the ability to talk about his weaknesses as one of his strengths. (in German)

SRF 10vor10 – World Cup 2014 in Brazil

The Swiss National Soccer team was preparing for the World Cup in Brazil. Christian Marcolli as well as National Team Head Coach Ottmar Hitzfeld are interviewed on the questions of routines and „cabin fever“ symptoms of the players during such a camp. Aired on National TV during the news broadcast “10vor10”. (in Swiss German)

 Watch now

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Shortly before the kick-off of the soccer World-Cup in Brazil 2014, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) presents a substantial portrait of Valentin Stocker. In the article, the Swiss National Player speaks openly about the work with Christian Marcolli and the long-term impact of the collaboration on his career. (in German)

Berner Zeitung

Olympic Gold medalist Dominique Gisin shares her insights on how she is preparing herself for the races post the Olympics and refers to her yearlong collaboration with Christian Marcolli. (in German)

New York Times

Swiss alpine skier, Dominique Gisin wins Olympic gold in Sotchi 2014. The New York Times dedicates an article in which the focus does not just lie on the unusual tie with Tina Maze but also on Dominique’s unbelievable come back after nine knee surgeries to become the most recent Olympic champion in downhill.

Basler Zeitung

For the fifth consecutive time, the FC Basel has won the National Championship (from 2010-2014, this is another Swiss record). The Basler Zeitung features a close-up on the people behind the scene, that have been contributing to the success since 5 year. (in German)



Christian Marcolli has been invited to explain his approach when working with professional football players who are engaged in the UEFA Champions League. How do teams that play additional games on top of the regular season, not just stay on top of their game but outplay their competitors?


FC Basel beats Tottenham Hotspur in the 1/4 finals of the UEFA Europa League. Valentin Stocker is the man of the match. The article in the Swiss newspaper „Blick“ reveals his secret of success - the four-year-old collaboration with Christian Marcolli. (in German)

Christian Marcolli's decisive contribution to Timm Klose's promotion to being a starter and key player of 1. FC Nürnberg in the German Bundesliga. (in German)

Basler Zeitung

In his career, Philipp Degen has already played for Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool FC and VFB Stuttgart. During his whole career, he had to deal with a lot of injuries. Since the collaboration with Christian Marcolli he got back to being a valuable starter and key player at FC Basel and draws a lot of attention in the Swiss championship as well as in the UEFA Europa League. (in German)

FC Basel 1893, season 2011/12

In the season 2011/2012, FC Basel wins not only the Swiss championship and the Swiss Cup but also the title hattrick - a premiere in FCB club history. Already five matches before the official end, the team is uncatchably ranked at the top of the league and thus becomes champion as early as no other team in Switzerland ever.

Furthermore, the team's performance in the UEFA Champions League is clearly outstanding. At the group stage, FCB eliminates Manchester United and achieves a 1:0 home victory against Bayern Munich in the 1/8 final; never before has a Swiss team come that far in the UEFA Champions League.

Through his work as a sport psychologist with the players and the entire team, Christian Marcolli is directly contributing to the team's success and achievements.

«Not swiss-like»

The relevance of Christian Marcolli's work as a sport psychologist with the FC Basel in the UEFA Champions League. (in German)

Valentin Stocker and Yann Sommer

The different and impressive career of the two soccer talents. (in German)

The best team Switzerland has ever seen

FC Basel's incredible performance during the last season. (in German)

Granit Xhaka

Young, successful, strong-minded - and nevertheless down to earth. (in German)


On June 28 2012, Christian Marcolli was invited as a guest to the broadcast "Treffpunkt" from Swiss National Radio Station DRS 1. He displayed his know-how regarding the topic team building and revealed to the listeners what it needs to be successful as a team.

International Press

Time and time again, articles about Christian Marcolli are published in the international press. Here are three examples from the year 2012:

Toque y Gambeta

It took Roger Federer two years to learn how to control his emotions – in which he succeeded also with Christian Marcolli’s help. Today, twelve years later, the tennis world admires his mental strength, which allows him to play his most brilliant tennis. (in Spanish)

El Espectador

In connection with the Olympic Games 2012, this article looks at Roger Federer's great career and the collaboration with Christian Marcolli as his sport psychologist to build up his extraordinary mental strength. (in Spanish)

La Dernière Heure

In the interview, Behrang Safari, former FCB player and now playing for Anderlecht, talks about the development on the mental level, where the work with Christian Marcolli has contributed significantly. (in French)


Dominique Gisin, world-class Swiss Alpine Ski racer, reveals her story and talks about the year-long, strong partnership with her mental coach, Christian Marcolli. (in German)

Marco Streller

The FCB captain's life - his way back to Basel. (in German)

Eurosoccer 2011

The soccer magazine „Eurosoccer“ prints in its July/August edition a substantial story about Christian Marcolli’s work as a sought-after sport psychologist with professional soccer players. In the article, Christian Marcolli shares his view about reproducing success and peak performance on a consistent level. (in German)

In three other 2011-editions, the magazine Eurosoccer refers to the expertise of Christian Marcolli.

Team Captains

Christian Marcolli shares his insights about the leadership capabilities of a great team captain. (in German)

Valentin Stocker

Swiss national player Valentin Stocker reveals his secrets to success and refers to the collaboration with Christian Marcolli, his personal sport psychologist. (in German)

The pressure is not (yet) here

Christian Marcolli explains his views on the leading teams in the Axpo Super Leagues’ regular season 2010/11. (in German)

Basler Zeitung

On June 8th 2011, the “Basler Zeitung” prints an interview with Yann Sommer, the new number one goal keeper of the FC Basel. Yann speaks about how he handles competitive pressure, his role as the captain of the Under 21 National Team at the European Championships and his progress in mental toughness. (in German)


On January 30th 2011, Christian Marcolli was the “Weekly Guest” at the Swiss National Radio station Radio DRS. In the focus of the interview was Christian’s work as a sport psychologist with professional athletes. (in Swiss German)

Basler Zeitung

On November 23rd 2010, the “Basler Zeitung” publishes an interview with Behrang Safari, defender of the Swedish National Football Team and the FC Basel. In the article “Too much thinking is a loss of energy”, Behrang Safari talks about some of the rituals that he applies regularly to play at his best on a consistent level. (in German)


Right before two important qualifying matches of the Swiss National Team, the magazine “Sportwoche” prints an interview with Marco Streller, forward of the FC Basel and the Swiss Football National Team. Marco Streller explains how he deals with the pressure of the current situation and his progress in mental toughness with the help of our collaboration. (in German)

Sonntag / Mitteland Zeitung

The Sunday paper “Mittelland Zeitung” prints an article about Roger Federer, that was originally published in the year 2000. Based on Roger’s statements at the time, his career was illustrated with the major highlights. In this context, Christian Marcolli was asked to give his view (“The biggest mistake would be to write off Roger Federer”) on the current and potential future performances of Roger Federer (In German).

Basler Zeitung

On April 24th 2010, the “Basler Zeitung” prints a background story about Marco Streller, forward of the FC Basel and the Swiss Football National Team. In the article, Marco Streller is looking back at his fantastic season (40 scorer points) and explicitly refers to our collaboration and his progress in mental toughness. (in German)


The magazine “Sportwoche” focuses in its April 10-edition on the final part of the season in the highest Swiss professional soccer league. In the expert’s column, Christian Marcolli is being invited to give his perspectives on why he believes that the FC Basel will eventually win the title. (in German)

Basler Zeitung

On March 27th 2010, the “Basler Zeitung” prints a background story about Behrang Safari, defender of FC Basel and the Swedish National Football Team. In the article, Behrang Safari is looking at his positive development in the last couple of weeks and explicitly refers to our collaboration and his progress in mental toughness. (in German)


On February 2nd 2010, the Swiss Newspaper «Tages-Anzeiger» prints an interview with Christian Marcolli regarding Roger Federer’s ability to perform at his best on such a consistent level, right after Roger’s win of the 16th Grand-Slam title in Australia. (in German)

Sonntag / Mitteland Zeitung

The Sunday paper “Mittelland Zeitung” focuses on the finish of the Swiss Football Championship in the season 2009/10. Christian Marcolli is being asked to give his opinion regarding the chances of the FC Basel to win the title despite the significant deficit in points during the season. (in German)


Davidoff Swiss Indoors Tennis 2009

At the Davidoff Swiss Indoors 2009 (ATP 500 Tennis tournament), Christian Marcolli worked with the Swiss tennis professionals Marco Chiudinelli and Michael Lammer. Marco Chiudinelli reached the semi-finals and lost against Roger Federer in an exciting match 6:7 3:6. Michael Lammer qualified for the main draw and advanced to the 1/8 finals.

Two press articles looking at Christian Marcolli’s work were published:


A large interview with Christian Marcolli about his work with professional tennis players (8.11.2009, in German).

Basler Zeitung

About Christian Marcolli's work at the Davidoff Swiss Indoors with Marco Chiudinelli and Michael Lammer (5.11.2009, in German).

SMASH – Coverstory

Marco Chiudinelli's impressive comeback on the ATP tour (5.11.2009, in German).

Basler Zeitung

On October 31st 2009, the “Basler Zeitung” prints an interview with the Swiss soccer professional Valentin Stocker, who at the age of 20 is not only part of the Swiss national team, but has also been selected as the Swiss “rookie of the year 2008/09”. In the interview, Valentin is not only looking at his career so far, but also at his recent development in the area of mental toughness. (in German)


In its November 09 - edition, the magazine Eurosoccer looks at the ability of professional soccer coaches to motivate the players, specifically focusing on the Bernhard Challandes's intervention before the UEFA Champions League game AC Milan-FC Zurich. In the expert’s column, Christian Marcolli explains some of the principles that a coach needs to apply in order to successfully motivate the players. (in German)


The magazine Eurosoccer focuses in its September 09-edition on the mental side of professional soccer. In the expert’s column, Christian Marcolli is being invited to give his view on the current situation as he sees it from a practitioner’s perspective. (in German)

20 Minuten

One day after the first round match of the UEFA Champions League 2009/10, the Swiss newspaper “20 Minuten” looks at the performance of FC Zurich’s goalkeeper. Christian Marcolli explains why a poor performance may occur in such an important match and reveals how the FC Zurich can still qualify for the Champions League. (in German)

Sonntag / Mittelland Zeitung

On July 19 2009, the Sunday paper “Mittelland Zeitung” prints a background story about the professional football coach Jeff Saibene. Amongst other experts from Swiss Olympic, sport psychologist Christian Marcolli shares his view on the extraordinary headcoach. (in German)

On April 21st 2009, the Swiss newspaper “” looks specifically at the professional football teams that are struggling with being relegated at the end of the current season (2008/09). Christian Marcolli is asked to give his perspective on what the teams should be focusing on in such a delicate period of the season. (in German)

In the newspaper “” of the 16th of December 2008, the main article focuses on professional football teams that struggle with relegation, looking specifically at the current situation of the FC Luzern. Christian Marcolli explains how he dealt with this situation together with Head Coach Jeff Saibene, when together they successfully saved the FC Thun in the season 06/07 from being relegated. (in German)

Video-Interview with Christian Marcolli

The Swiss Association for Sport Psychology (SASP) organized an event called “How to become a sport psychologist”. For this, a video-interview with Christian Marcolli was produced and shown. Christian Marcolli talks about his development and the milestones in his career to become a sought-after international sport psychologist. (in Swiss German)

Watch now

ROTWEISS - Football Magazine

The complete June-edition of the football magazine ROTWEISS is looking at the upcoming EURO 08 in Switzerland and Austria. In the article "No Fear of Big Actions", Christian Marcolli is asked to explain his perspectives on how the Swiss National Team could play a very successful tournament (in German).

Radio 1

One day before the opening match at the EURO 2008, Radio 1 asks Christian Marcolli to give his perspective on the Swiss National Team. Christian Marcolli explains the possible pitfalls which the team should be preparing for. (in Swiss German)

Radio Top

A few days before the opening match of the EURO 2008, the Swiss National Team is confronted with two unexpected incidents: Health problems in the private environment of the Head Coach and the announcement of Marco Streller, that he will not play in the National Team after the EURO 08 anymore because of the relationship with the fans. How will this influence the team’s preparation? Christian Marcolli explains possible effects from a psychological perspective (In Swiss German).


An article in the magazine Eurosoccer looks at players who suffer from a severe injury. Christian Marcolli explains from a psychological perspective what a player needs to cope with and reveals strategies to overcome negative influences in order to prepare for a successful rehabilitation. (in German)


On 27th of October 2008, the local TV-station TELE M1 talks to sport psychology expert Christian Marcolli about the 0:4-defeat of the Swiss Football National Team against Germany. In the same broadcast, you will hear the opinions of Diego Benaglio, Alex Frei and Michael Ballack. (in Swiss German)

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Radio Top

The Headcoach of the Swiss Football National Team, Jakob Kuhn, receives a lot of criticism after the 0:4 defeat against Germany only a few weeks before the beginning of the European Championship in Switzerland and Austria. In an interview with the Swiss radio station „Radiotop“, Christian Marcolli explains his point of view how Jakob Kuhn could deal with this public criticism in a constructive way. (in Swiss German)

NZZ am Sonntag

The ‘NZZ am Sonntag’ devoted a whole page to the former Champions-League Club FC Thun in its 9 March 2008 edition. In the main article, Christian Marcolli is quoted, alongside other current and former coaches, where he points out the importance of Emotional Intelligence when leading the team in difficult times. (in German)

Basler Zeitung

In the „Basler Zeitung“ of the 1st December 2007, there is an interview with Christian Marcolli regarding the match between FC Thun and FC Basel in the Swiss Super League. Christian Marcolli explains how he looks at the players’ roles and responsibilities especially off the field. (in German)


An article in the magazine Eurosoccer looks at the special constellation with the football club Zurich, where the son of the headcoach is a member of the player-roster. Christian Marcolli illustrates the different stages in an athletic career from a psychological perspective, as well as the special relationship between father-son resp. coach-player. (in German)


The soccer-magazine „Eurosoccer“ looks at the topic „Discipline – Index of Fines in Soccer Teams“. Christian Marcolli explains how he is working with this aspect within teams as a sport psychologist (in German).

FC THUN – Swiss Professional Soccer League, 2007

Christian Marcolli was hired by the FC Thun, a professional Swiss soccer club, to support the team during the 10 last games of the season as the Assistant Coach. The club was threatened to get relegated. Under the leadership of Head Coach Jeff Saibene and Christian Marcolli, the team won 16 points, improved his ranking and ended 7th in the league.

The following articles illustrate the successful work:

Basler Zeitung

The circumstances when taking over the team (31.3.07, in German).

Matchmagazin FC Thun-FC Basel

Personal interview with Christian Marcolli (29.4.07, in German).

Thuner Tagblatt

Christian Marcolli’s work for the FC Thun under sport psychologist’s point of view (24.5.07, in German).

TV Bern

TV-Cast about Christian Marcolli „FC Thun counts on Christian Marcolli as their Sport Psychologist“ (30.4.2007, in German).

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TV Bern

TV-Cast about Head Coach Jeff Saibene and Assistant Coach Christian Marcolli (17.4.2007, in German).

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„Blickpunkt“ Zürcher Unterländer

The newspaper „Zürcher Unterländer“, on April 30th 2007, devotes a whole page to the topic of having two coaches leading a team instead of one („Trainerduo“). In the expert-interview, Christian Marcolli looks at this constellation from a sport psychologist’s point of view. (in German)


In January 2007, the ice-hockey magazine „Slapshot“ describes the injury and rehabilitation of Michael Hofer, professional hockey player for Kloten Flyers (Switzerland). The article illustrates how Michael organized his rehabilitation and was able to give a successful Comeback 14 months as well as getting a new 3-year contract shortly after. During that time, Michael was also counting on the support of Christian Marcolli. (in German)


In the main article, the magazine “Eurosoccer” focuses on mental training and soccer. As one of the interview partners, Christian Marcolli presents his views and approaches regarding mental toughness in nowadays soccer as a sport psychologist and a former professional soccer player. (in German)

Radio Top

A player of the Swiss Football Champion 2006, FC Zurich, had caused a severe car accident. In an interview with the Swiss radio station „Radiotop“, Christian Marcolli elaborates on how a team and its staff can deal with such a situation in order to be able to focus again on the upcoming performance. (in Swiss German)

Schaffhauser Nachrichten

Christian Marcolli is being interviewed regarding the incredible home record of the FC Schaffhausen – no win for 17 games. He explains from a sport psychologist point of view what factors could be leading into such a negative series and gives at the same time some pieces of advice on how to win again after a long, unsuccessful time. (in German)

Schaffhauser Nachrichten

On the 12th of May 2006, the „Schaffhauser Nachrichten“ are looking at various aspects of teams that are fighting against relegation. In this context, Christian Marcolli explains from a sport psychologist’s point of view how teams and players should prepare for such important periods and matches. (in German)

Berner Zeitung

The "Berner Zeitung" looked at the performance of the Ice Hockey Team SC Bern in the quarterfinals of the Play-Offs 2006. Therefore, they published an extensive interview with Christian Marcolli who is illustrating several aspects of a team performance under pressure from the sport psychologist's perspective. (in German)


Der Bund

The professional Swiss golfer Marc Chatelain was not only accompanied by his caddy at the Omega European Masters in Crans-Montana ... his good result was also down to the fact that he had the support of a sport psychologist during the entire round. (in German)

Radio Top

Alex Frei, the striker of the Swiss National Team, spit at an opponent during the 2004 European Championship in Portugal. What were his motives for this gaffe, so soon after the uproar caused when the Italian player Totti was found guilty of the same misdemeanour? Christian Marcolli will give his informed opinion on 21 June 2004 on Radio Top. (in Swiss German)


Christian Marcolli wird zum ersten Mal zur Spuckaffäre an der Europameisterschaft 2004 befragt. Der Beitrag ist am 19. Juni 2004 auf Radio 24 in der Mittagsinfo-Sendung ausgestrahlt worden.


Trainerentlassungen? Warum? Grundsätzliche Gedanken dazu am 6. März 2004 in der Sendung "Sport live" von Radio DRS mit O-Ton von Christian Marcolli.


On 5 October 2003, the SFDRS Sport panorama programme talks to sport psychology expert Christian Marcolli about the crisis at the Zurich Grasshopper club. (in Swiss German)

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A ‘Facts’ article published in May 2003 looked at the mental strength of the Swiss tennis champion and later Wimbledon winner Roger Federer. It pointed specifically to the cooperation between Christian Marcolli and Roger Federer, which lasted from 1998 to 2000. (in German)

NZZ am Sonntag

The ‘NZZ am Sonntag’ devoted a whole page to mental training in sport in its 1 December 2002 edition. In the main article, Christian Marcolli is quoted, alongside other reputable sport psychologists. In the interview below, ice hockey defender Patrick Fischer from the Zug ice hockey club talks in detail about Marcolli’s work. (in German)